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The double-dollar sign macro

Returns an array of UI elements of the given class. Starts traversing from the key UIWindow instance.

it(@"has a segmented control that switches the type of task shown", ^{
  UISegmentedControl *tabs = [$$(UISegmentedControl) lastObject];
  [[[tabs titleForSegmentAtIndex:0] should] equal:@"Upcoming"];
  [[[tabs titleForSegmentAtIndex:1] should] equal:@"Completed"];
  [[[tabs titleForSegmentAtIndex:2] should] equal:@"Assigned"];

The single-dollar sign macro

Returns the UI element whose accessibility label matches the given string. Starts traversing from the key UIWindow instance.

This needs ‘accessibility’ enabled in order to function.

it(@"shows the `completed' tab", ^{
  UIView *tab = $(@"Completed"); // instance of UISegment
  [[theValue(tab.hidden) should] equal:theValue(NO)];

-[UIView tap]

Sends a touch event to the UI element, simulating a tap.

it(@"shows the `completed' tasks", ^{
  [$(@"Completed") tap];
  [[controller.tasks should] equal:completedTasks];