A talk on lean and sweetened code at the Kings of Code un-conference.
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Short and sweet II.key


Short is Sweet II

  1. Why?

* Less (or actually ‘lean’) code is more time for other stuff (equals profit). Because:
  * Maintainable code: As it improves readability, thus more understandable.
  * Code quality: Less code means less bugs, increases testability, and makes it easier to debug.
  * Easier integration: Less code means less interface, which in turn means it's easier to integrate into different systems.
  1. How?

* Only implement what you need… right now!
  * For instance, most of our plugins start life as a file in ./lib. Or in ./vendor/plugins, but still in the applications repo.
* Dare to throw away unused code. Or move the code into the only application _actually_ using it.
  As it meant that the code wasn't that general at all.
  1. Yeah, but…

* Encapsulation: A lack of encapsulation in the future does not have to be a problem.
  Especially in a language such as Ruby where, for instance, duck-typing is easily done.


  • composed_of vs attribute-view