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Commits on Jan 22, 2011
  1. @wvanbergen

    Removed oldskool init.rb

    wvanbergen authored
  2. @alloy
  3. @alloy
  4. @alloy

    Update TODO

    alloy authored
  5. @alloy
  6. @wvanbergen

    Copy paste fail.

    wvanbergen authored
  7. @alloy
  8. @alloy
  9. @wvanbergen
  10. @wvanbergen
  11. @wvanbergen
  12. @alloy

    Add TODOs about moving config from Form to Configuration and about ma…

    alloy authored
    …king Form framework agnostic.
  13. @wvanbergen

    Removed notification spec

    wvanbergen authored
  14. @wvanbergen
  15. @wvanbergen
  16. @alloy

    Finish API docs.

    alloy authored
  17. @alloy

    Update doc in adyen.rb and make docs for configuration.rb and simple_…

    alloy authored
    …soap_client.rb no longer complain.
  18. @alloy

    Le sigh

    alloy authored
  19. @alloy

    Update TODO

    alloy authored
  20. @alloy
  21. @alloy
  22. @alloy
  23. @alloy
  24. @alloy
  25. @wvanbergen
  26. @wvanbergen
  27. @wvanbergen

    Added a Railtie with a migration generator (rails g adyen:migration) …

    wvanbergen authored
    …and a hook into the configuration system.
  28. @alloy
  29. @alloy

    Complete param validation for authorise_payment_request_body and auth…

    alloy authored
  30. @alloy

    Cleanup TODO

    alloy authored
  31. @alloy
  32. @wvanbergen
  33. @wvanbergen
  34. @wvanbergen

    Store amounts as integer in the database. Removed automatic conversio…

    wvanbergen authored
    …n from decimals to cents. Rely on the developer to set the correct value in cents, or in (whole) yens when working with Japanese yens.
  35. @alloy
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