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Commits on Nov 1, 2009
  1. @Manfred
  2. @alloy
  3. @alloy
  4. @Manfred
  5. @Manfred

    We be all abouts da UTF-8.

    Manfred authored
  6. @Manfred

    Don't break on a missing Gemfile.

    Manfred authored
    Make sure Apprise doesn't break when a Gemfile is missing. It's not unimaginable
    to have Bundler installed and run apprise in a directory without a Gemfile.
  7. @Manfred
  8. @Manfred

    Return spec runner to the Rakefile.

    Manfred authored
    Yesterday the test cases stopped working when running them from rake. After
    some careful inspection I found that the GIT_ environment variables set by
    git are copied into the test environment causing git to think it's operating
    in the Apprise Git repository instead of in the fake rails root.
    Added a clean_environment! helper method that cleans the GIT_ variables out of
    the environment.
  9. @Manfred
Commits on Oct 31, 2009
  1. @alloy

    Cleaned rake

    alloy authored
  2. @Manfred
  3. @alloy

    Added proper gemspec.

    alloy authored
  4. @alloy

    Prepared for building a gem.

    alloy authored
  5. @alloy
  6. @Manfred

    Make it possible to either display all or outdated dependencies.

    Manfred authored
    Added switches to the apprise command and a second rake task to either show
    all dependencies of the project or just the outdated.
  7. @Manfred

    Add Rake tasks.

    Manfred authored
    Add a deps:outdated rake task to display all outdated dependencies.
  8. @alloy
  9. @alloy
  10. @Manfred

    Return all dependencies from the Bundler class.

    Manfred authored
    Add a dependencies method to the Apprise::Bundler class which returns all the
    bundler dependencies for the project.
  11. @alloy

    Refactored a bit.

    alloy authored
  12. @alloy
  13. @alloy

    Small cleanup.

    alloy authored
  14. @alloy
  15. @alloy
  16. @Manfred

    Update requirements.

    Manfred authored
    Add ID's and priorities to the stories. Mark story #1 as done.
  17. @Manfred

    Use pwd in the apprise commandline tool by default.

    Manfred authored
    When the user doesn't specify a specific directory to inspect, we use the
    current working directory.
  18. @Manfred

    Use Apprise.rails_root instead of Rails.root.

    Manfred authored
    Add a rails_root attribute to the Apprise module so we can set it depending
    on the situation. It can be Rails.root in Rails rake tasks or a user set
    directory in the case of a commandline utility.
  19. @alloy
  20. @alloy
  21. @Manfred

    Improve tests.

    Manfred authored
    - Silence Git pulls and fetches.
    - Move the Collector class and collect_stdout helper to the test_helper.
  22. @alloy

    Return a list of available scms.

    alloy authored
  23. @Manfred
  24. @alloy
  25. @Manfred
  26. @alloy
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