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- Move :with/:conditions logic from ClassifiedsController to Selection.
- Selection JS is now duplicated in members/index and classifieds/index.
- Actually show the validation errors on classifieds/_form. SHould we use the plugin?
- Test that members that are marked as spam can't circumvent it by signing up again.
- Possibly optimize the SpamMarkingsController#index action, but it's not critical.
- Remove cancel link from members/edit, because there's nothing to cancel.
- Place `delete listing' action button in the right place.
- Think of better way to express Member#work_location (the design html uses `where') and Member#work_types.
- Do we need a helper that formats the user's web site url properly?
- Autolink @handle in member bio?
- Create actual 401/403 html pages
- Figure out the proper way to add routes in tests