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-=[ Miner finds the hottest upcoming Rubygems ]=-
           .-' \\".
          /`    ;--:
         |     (  (_)==
         |_ ._ '.__.; 
          `|     _\ |
           | \  __ /
          /|  '.__/
       .'` \     |_
    jgs     '-__ / `-


Miner tries to discover gems that have been getting attention, but not too much, and present them
in a ‘app store’ type of interface. Every day a fresh page of upcoming gems is created.

For Mac OS X, a ‘single site browser’ app is available, which allows you to install the gems with
a single click and see which you already have installed. Grab the latest from:


This was our entry for the http://rubyandrails.eu/rumble, which we won :)

Possible ideas for the site include integration in rubygems.org (gemcutter) and add voting with a
similar scoring technique. The app is just a baby, the sky is the limit. Patches are welcome!

Available under the LITL license (http://github.com/license-in-three-lines/LICENSE):

  Copyright 2010 Manfred Stienstra, Eloy Duran, Fingertips.
  You may use this work without restrictions, as long as this notice is included.
  The work is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, neither express nor implied.