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34bc64a @alloy Added test for config installer.
alloy authored
1 build
2 .DS_Store
8ea5017 @alloy Remove user specific xcode metadata and ignore them.
alloy authored
3 Passenger.xcodeproj/*.mode1v3
f237ec5 @alloy Preparing for 1.1 release. Added a release rake task.
alloy authored
4 Passenger.xcodeproj/*.pbxuser
86dc231 @Manfred Import the CLI we prepared earlier.
Manfred authored
5 pkg
c87a388 @Manfred Add a CLI class to control the CLI.
Manfred authored
6 tmp
8e3203f @Manfred Implement part of the CLI class that invokes the ppane CLI.
Manfred authored
7 Passenger.xcodeproj/project.xcworkspace/xcuserdata/*
8 Passenger.xcodeproj/xcuserdata/*
dbe0303 @Manfred Automatically run tests when tests or implementation changes.
Manfred authored
9 *.gem
10 test/passenger_pane/PassengerTest.framework
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