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- ppane shouldn't accept duplicate applications
- Disable debug logging unless in debug mode
- Do not accept characters in the Address and Aliases fields that can't be used for the domain name (including whitespace in the address field).
- Check for duplicate addresses and aliases after Apply has been clicked. Show a sheet with the following alert:
- The changes could not be applied because the address “cj.local” ia already in use.
Choose a different address or rename “cj.local”.
- The changes could not be applied because the alias “assets.cj.local” ia already in use by “cj.local”.
Choose a different alias or remove “cj.local”.
- Silently remove duplicate aliases for the same application. For example, 'assets1.local assets2.local assets3.local assets2.local' should be changed to 'assets1.local assets2.local assets3.local'.
- Add Sparkle, ideally using sheets. The first time you run the pane you should be asked whether or not you want to enable automatic updates. See and
- Add something that makes it easy to consistently release new versions in an internet-enabled disk image with a custom background and custom icon placement. should do the trick.
- Change the cursor to a hand when hovering over the link in the 'Visit for installation instructions' message.
- Fix the annoying flashing of the source list
- Add options to ppane to install configuration files for MacPorts and possibly other package managers. Basically copies boilerplate config files to the homedir or /etc.
$ ppane config macports
- Merge the 'Address' and 'Aliases' text fields, and the 'Open in browser' button into a single 'Addresses' list view with inline 'Open in browser' buttons.
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