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#import "PassengerPref.h"
@implementation PassengerPref
- (void) mainViewDidLoad {
[[CLI sharedInstance] setPathToCLI:[[self bundle] pathForResource:@"ppane" ofType:nil inDirectory:@"bin"]];
[self setupUI];
[self setupAuthorizationView];
[self setupApplicationView];
- (void)setupUI {
NSImage *browserButtonImage;
[passengerIconView setImage:[[NSImage alloc] initByReferencingFile:[[self bundle] pathForImageResource:@"label"]]];
browserButtonImage = [[NSImage alloc] initByReferencingFile:[[self bundle] pathForImageResource:@"OpenInBrowserTemplate"]];
[browserButtonImage setTemplate:true];
[openInBrowserButton setImage:browserButtonImage];
textStateColor = NSColor.disabledControlTextColor;
- (void)setupAuthorizationView {
authorized = false;
[authorizationView setString:kAuthorizationRightExecute];
[authorizationView setDelegate:self];
[authorizationView setAutoupdate:true];
[authorizationView updateStatus:self];
- (void)setupApplicationView {
applications = [[CLI sharedInstance] listApplications];
- (Boolean)isDirty {
return false;
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