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$KCODE = 'u' do |spec| = "ppane"
spec.version = "0.1.1"
spec.authors = ["Eloy Duran", "Manfred Stienstra"] = ["", ""]
spec.summary = <<-EOF
Configuration tool for applications running on Phusion Passenger™.
spec.description = <<-EOF
The Passenger Pane is a preference pane on Mac OS X. Ppane is the backend tool
that does all the heavy lifting. It manages virtual hosts in your Apache configuration
as well as hostname registration with Domain Services.
spec.files = Dir["lib/**/*.rb"] + %w(LICENSE)
spec.executables = ["ppane"]
spec.has_rdoc = true
spec.extra_rdoc_files = ["LICENSE"]
spec.rdoc_options << "--charset=utf-8"