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# Fingertips Rails Templates

Hey there! If you develop Rails applications just like us you might find this Ruby on Rails template useful. It pulls Rails 2.3 stable and the following gems:

  • Authorization-San –  Simple role-based authentication

  • Authentication-Needed-San –  Redirects unauthenticated users around

  • Peiji-San –  Pagination based on named scopes

  • Risosu-San – Nested resource extensions for ActionController

  • Validates Email-San – Email validation for ActiveRecord

  • Generator-San – Lean Rails generator

  • On-Test-Spec – test-spec extensions to make Rails testing easier

You can use Fingerrails in two ways, as bleeding edge:

$ rails <app_name> -m

or, if you work offline, with a gem:

$ gem install fingerrails --source
$ fingerrails <app_name>

We love feedback and patches, please leave them in the GitHub issue tracker.
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