A puzzle game where you can shoot clones of yourself to solve puzzles
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A platforming puzzle game created by Travis Fincaryk. Shoot clones, activate switches, avoid lazers, reset fields and push blocks to advance.


  • A - move left
  • D - move right
  • W - look up
  • S - look down
  • SPACE - jump
  • E - action
  • 1 - reset level
  • 2 - kill clone 2
  • 3 - kill clone 3
  • 4 - kill clone 4
  • 5 - kill clone 5
  • Left mouse button - hold to aim, release to shoot
  • Mouse wheel - control camera zoom

There are 10 levels in total. This game autosaves at the start of each level. Feel free to take a break and finish it later. To delete save data reload the game and use the Delete Data button.

Programs and Assets

Note: I haven't included the complete source project since some assets are purchased 3rd party add-ons (NGUI is amazing and worth the money). I've basically only included assets created by me. There should be some handy scripts in there for some Unity coders.

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