An open source list of developer questions to ask prospective employers
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InterviewThis is an open source list of developer questions to ask prospective employers during the hiring process. I created this list because, frankly, the existing lists that I saw on this topic really sucked. Many of the starting questions came about from years of hiring into jobs only to find out about some lousy attribute of the company which, had I known about, I probably wouldn't have accepted.


This is not a checklist, this is not a shopping list. If you send this entire list to an employer, they probably wont be calling you back. This list is intended to serve as a reference point for things to be aware of during your interview process. Not all of these questions will be relevant to every person or position, you should choose the ones that are relevant to you and what you are interviewing for. It's ok for there to be questions on this list that you personally do not care about.


Pull requests are very welcomed and encouraged, but please don't get offended if I reject your question or do not merge your question verbatim. I may ask that you reword it to be clearer, or may even rewrite it myself. I will also take suggestions as Github Issues.