Apple, Android and Standard (Symbola) Unicode Emojis for Pidgin
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Unicode Emojis for Pidgin

This repository contains three sets of emojis:

  • original Apple Color Emojis as used in iOS
  • original Android Emojis extracted from Android OS
  • Symbola Emojis mostly the original draft pictograms

These Smilies can easily be used in Pidgin by copying the folders to ~/.purple/smileys

Please note that every smiley maps to his dedicated unicode character as specified by Unicode 6.0. This enables interoperability withs Android & iOS chats clients. Other chat partners might want to install either the Symbola or Android TrueType font the see the Emojis

More Infos


Apple Emoji images are taken from Github's gemoji project. The icons are copyright of Apple Inc. See the license for details.

Android Emoji font Copyright © 2008 The Android Open Source Project. Licensed under the Apache License and includes this notice.

Symbola font can be downloaded here. A license is not provided and many of the glyphs appear to have been copied from Unicode charts ( e.g. Emoticons PDF ). As such they could be copyright of any of the font contributers.