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Taco'bout It

This repo is a web application created by a team of four during a full immersion web development program's hackathon. We were tasked to utitilize at least three distinct APIs in a web application in span of 36 hours.

Feature List

  • Combined 4 external API resources via AJAX requests and present their information in an application
    • Google Maps API
    • Google Places API
    • Taco Recipe API
    • Flickr API
  • Organized our application with Model, View, Controller architectural pattern
  • Documented loosely on JSDOC standards
  • Project Team Management Tasks with Meistertask


  • API AJAX Requests
  • MVC : Code properly formatted in MVC, variables and functions well define and documented
  • Mobile Responsive Design: Created a Web App with mobile-first approach
  • UI / UX : Simple and Intuitive UX
  • Task / Issue Management : Development process documented, controlled, and delegated. We had well-defined issues, milestones, and project management

The Team

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