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Token and Crowdsale Smart Contracts

Making unsecured loans highly secure. FintruX enables borrowers to create their own fully customized and simplified smart contracts on the #Ethereum #blockchain.

Table of Contents


The FintruX Network is powered by FTX; a utility token to reward or get rewarded for participation in the marketplace incentives. Activities on the platform have costs specified in FTX (“or ꭍ”).

As activities are carried out on the FintruX Network, FTX is transferred from one participant to another. Subsequently FintruX Network will be rewarded a fee for executing these activities.

The ownership of FTX Token does not have any rights other than the rights to exchange and claim them on the platform. To be certain, FTX has no ownership rights or equity or security or equivalent, intellectual property rights or any other form of control or revenue sharing relating to the FintruX Network.

Over the course of our operation, we collect FTX tokens as fee; FintruX will continuously sell them back to participants to maintain the token economy and finance the operation.

Our FTX Tokens serve several key functions in our ecosystem:

  • Credit enhancement reserve
  • Transaction execution reward
  • Rewards for good behavior
  • Punishment for bad behavior
  • Reward for providing information
  • Platform access
  • API license

Learn more about our token at and