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Are We Alone? by Fiona

This is my entry for Ludum Dare 22 it was created in whole in 48 hours.

It's a moody little planetary exploration game inspired mostly by Star Control. It doesn't have the same humour as Star Control and in fact gives more of a sense of hopelessness and loneliness than anything else. Saying that, it is possible to finish it, the game is hand crafted rather than randomly generated.

I have put it on Github for posterity. The code, graphics and audio are under MIT. I'm unlikely to ever touch the game in future, it's also here because Iwan asked for it. :P The fonts are included in this repository so the game functions, however they are not my work and should not be considered under the above license.


It's written in Python with Pygame and PyOpenGL. It uses a little library/framework that I wrote called Myrmidon, a working version of which is included in this repository.

The graphics were drawn in The GIMP.

The music and sound effects were done in Propellerhead's Reason.