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Myrmidon - Python 2D game framework

Myrmidon is a framework for Python that aims to provide rapid development of 2D games.

Using a simple and easy to use API, Myrmidon allows developers to create interactive games and was designed to be perfectly suited for prototypes, proof-of-concepts and game jams.

Myrmidon's bottom-line is that the developer should only be concerned about behaviour of game objects and how the user interacts with them. Any low-level graphics, window or input handling should be the sole responsibility of Myrmidon. Hiding that as much as possible and allowing you to get on writing your game.


Requirements: PyGame 1.9.x, PyOpenGL 3.x

Both Python 2.6> and 3.x are supported

pip assisted install:

pip install git+

Manual install:

git clone myrmidon
cd myrmidon
python install


Documentation is currently in the process of being written and is available at


This example displays a window that the user can close using the escape key.

import sys
from myrmidon import Entity, Game
from myrmidon.consts import *

class Screen(Entity):
    def execute(self):
        while True:
            if Game.keyboard_key_down(K_ESCAPE):