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We Pair

What is this?

A list of companies that pair program, for job seekers.


The goal of this list is to be a comprehensive resource for engineers around the world who want to find jobs where they can pair program. These companies may or may not be hiring right now, but if you love pairing, you can start your job search here.

Inspired by and

How to contribute

Want to add your company? See something inaccurate? Make a pull request (preferred) or submit an issue (also appreciated!). Either way, include the following information, or as much of it as you can:

  • Company name: can be a link to the careers site or information about pair programming at that company.
  • Location: include "remote" where applicable.
  • How much pairing: "all the time", "most of the time", etc.

If you are making a PR, please alphabetize your additions by company name.

The List

Company name Location How much pairing?
Autolist San Francisco, CA; Austin, TX; Brooklyn, NY Most of the time
BackerKit San Francisco, CA All the time
Boclips London, United Kingdom Most of the time
Braintree Payments Chicago, IL; San Francisco, CA; Remote Most of the time
Carbon Five Chattanooga, TN; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA Some of the time
Code for America San Francisco, CA Most of the time
Connected Toronto, Canada; Detroit, MI, San Francisco, CA, Boston, MA Most of the time
Detroit Labs Detroit, MI Some of the time
GitHub San Francisco, CA; Boulder, CO; Amsterdam; Tokyo; remote Some of the time
Greenhouse New York; remote Some of the time
Gusto San Francisco, Denver, Seattle Most of the time
Integral Software Detroit, MI All the time
Mavenlink San Francisco, CA; Salt Lake City, UT Most to All of the time
Mayvenn Oakland, CA All the time
Meetup New York, Berlin Some of the time
Pivotal (Labs) San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, D.C., Seattle, Santa Monica, London, NY, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin All the time
Position Development Brooklyn, NY Most of the time
RaiseMe San Francisco, CA Some of the time
Redbubble Melbourne, Australia Most of the time
Sparta Science San Francisco, CA All the time
Table XI
Tall Poppy San Francisco, CA Most of the time
Tandem Chicago, IL & San Francisco, CA All the time
ThoughtWorks Chicago, IL, San Francisco CA, Global Most of the time
Transparent Classroom Seattle, WA Most of the time
Voom Seattle, WA All the time
WWT Application Services St. Louis, MO; Springfield, MO; Denver, CO; New York, NY; London, United Kingdom All the time


A list of companies that pair program, for job seekers



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