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Smash or Pass bot for Discord
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Smash or Pass bot for Discord! Just compile, add your token to output dir as "secret.token", run and enjoy your game! Feel free to push your changes to the main repo.

Made with Discord.Net, Newtonsoft.JSON and MimeTypes (last one is slight overkill, but it works!).



Command Action
!help Shows help screen
!start Starts SoP, send your picture by message attachment or just use link as argument
!stop Stops your SoP and displays the score
!pass @usr Passes selected user
!smash @usr Smashes selected user
!score @usr Shows selected user score
!listall Lists all currently running SoPs


Command Action
help Shows help screen
score {id} Shows user score
list {str[]} Lists all running SoPs from list
listall Lists all currently running SoPs

Have fun!

FireBite, August 2018

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