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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
<flag name='classic'>Build drivers based on the classic architecture.</flag>
<flag name='egl'>Enable EGL support.</flag>
<flag name='gallium'>Build drivers based on Gallium3D, the new architecture for 3D graphics drivers.</flag>
<flag name='g3dvl'>Enable video decode acceleration support for Gallium3D.</flag>
<flag name='gbm'>Enable the Graphics Buffer Manager for EGL on KMS.</flag>
<flag name='gles1'>Enable GLESv1 support.</flag>
<flag name='gles2'>Enable GLESv2 support.</flag>
<flag name='llvm'>Enable LLVM backend for Gallium3D.</flag>
<flag name='openvg'>Enable the OpenVG 2D acceleration API for Gallium3D.</flag>
<flag name='osmesa'>Enable the Off-screen Rendering Mesa API</flag>
<flag name='pax_kernel'>Enable if the user plans to run the package under a pax enabled hardened kernel</flag>
<flag name='r600-llvm-compiler'>Enable r600 shader compiler LLVM backend.</flag>
<flag name='pic'>disable optimized assembly code that is not PIC friendly</flag>
<flag name='shared-glapi'>Enable sharing of common code for the OpenGL API.</flag>
<flag name='vdpau'>Enable the VDPAU acceleration interface for the Gallium3D Video Layer.</flag>
<flag name='wayland'>Enable support for dev-libs/wayland</flag>
<flag name='xa'>Enable the XA (X Acceleration) API for Gallium3D.</flag>
<flag name='xorg'>Enable the Xorg state tracker for Gallium3D. This is not required for OpenGL acceleration in X.</flag>
<flag name='xvmc'>Enable the XvMC acceleration interface for the Gallium3D Video Layer.</flag>
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