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A UCI chess engine GUI for Windows...

based on and developed from:


  • 4 move sounds (move, capture, check, and castle)
  • 5 time controls: move + inc., fixed depth, fixed time, fixed nodes, and infinite
  • attractive chess piece sets w/ gradient shadow and adjustable scale factor
  • board squares can use colors or images, with opacity control
  • choice of 'sequential' or 'random' for opening book position selection
  • configurable best move and last move indicators
  • configurable draw and resign adjudication
  • configurable pause between games
  • dark mode
  • engine logo display (100 x 50)
  • engine vs. engine matches
  • FEN position copy/paste buttons
  • flip board control
  • full support for TT and Unicode chess fonts
  • fully customizable user interface, adjustable splitters, panel hide/unhide, etc.
  • live game move-by-move save to PGN file (suitable for web broadcast)
  • options (including engine config) can be changed 'on-the-fly' (during a game)
  • multiPV support
  • move arrow colors are calculated/graded from red to green according to eval score
  • opening book creation and usage (import PGN to FEN)
  • optional board border, square outlines, and coordinate display
  • optional UI extended move information (engine eval + depth)
  • optional legal move display
  • real-time engine LOS (likelihood of superiority) calculation

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