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EmberFire Guide

  1. Installation - Learn about what EmberFire is and how to integrate it into your Ember app.
  2. User Authentication - EmberFire handles user authentication and session management for you.
  3. Collect Analytics - Collect Google Analytics data automatically on Route changes.
  4. Saving and Retrieving Data - Create synchronized objects and experience three-way data binding.
  5. Querying Data - Create and modify arrays which stay in sync with the database.
  6. Relationships - Handling links to other documents.
  7. Security Rules - Securing your EmberFire data.
  8. Deploying to Firebase Hosting - Deploying your app to Firebase Hosting
  9. Fastboot support - Use emberfire's Fastboot support for SEO goodness, social previews, and faster rendering.
  10. Deploying to Cloud Functions for Firebase - Deploy your Fastboot rendered application to Cloud Functions for Firebase with Firebase Hosting support.

Additional Resources

  1. Advanced Configuration - Use advanced configuration to connect to multiple Firebase applications, databases, etc.
  2. Using FirebaseUI auth - @steven-ferguson shows how to integrate FirebaseUI Auth
  3. Acceptance Testing WIP - This pull request will give standard acceptance testing patterns to EmberFire projects