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FirebaseStream is a sample that shows basic usage of the FirebaseArduino streaming API.

It displays the current bitcoin price on a OLED screen as it gets updated on

Hardware setup

  1. Get a Feather Huzzah
  2. Get a FeatherWing OLED
  3. Solder female headers on the Feather Huzzah
  4. Solder mail headers on the FeatherWing OLED
  5. Stack the FeatherWing OLED on top of the Feather Huzzah

Software setup

  1. Install Arduino 1.6.9
  2. Install Arduino ESP8266 core
  3. Download FirebaseArduino library
  4. Start Arduino
  5. Click Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library...
  6. Choose downloaded in step 3.
  7. Install the following libraries using Sketch > Include Library > Manage Libraries...:


  1. Start Arduino
  2. Open File > Examples > FirebaseArduino > FirebaseRoom_ESP8266
  3. In FirebaseRoom_ESP8266: Replace WIFI_SSID and WIFI_PASSWORD with WiFi credentials
  4. Go to and create a new Firebase Project
  5. Go to Database
  6. Copy the Database hostname (Database URL without https:// and trailing /)
  7. In FirebaseRoom_ESP8266: replace FIREBASE_HOST with the Database Hostname
  8. Go to ⚙ > Project Settings > Database > Database secrets
  9. Click Firebase Secrets > Show
  10. Copy the Database Secret
  11. In FirebaseRoom_ESP8266: Replace FIREBASE_AUTH with Database Secret
  12. Select the board Board > ESP8266 Modules > NodeMCU 1.0
  13. Select the serial port Port > /dev/tty...
  14. Select the upload speed Upload Speed > 115200
  15. Click Sketch > Upload


  1. Watch the screen be updated with the current bitcoin price.
  2. Watch the data being modified as the sketch run
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