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Important: Google Cloud Functions for Firebase

There may continue to be specific use-cases for firebase-queue, however if you're looking for a general purpose, scalable queueing system for Firebase then it is likely that building on top of Google Cloud Functions for Firebase is the ideal route.

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A fault-tolerant, multi-worker, multi-stage job pipeline built on the Firebase Realtime Database.

Table of Contents

Getting Started With Firebase

Firebase Queue requires Firebase in order to sync and store data. Firebase is a suite of integrated products designed to help you develop your app, grow your user base, and earn money. You can sign up here for a free account.

Downloading Firebase Queue

You can download Firebase Queue via npm. You will also have to install Firebase separately (that is, they are peerDependencies):

$ npm install firebase firebase-queue --save



If you'd like to contribute to Firebase Queue, please first read through our contribution guidelines. Local setup instructions are available here.

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