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between versions 3.0 and 4.0
This document describes all the changes that make v4.0 incompatible in any way
as compared with the previous releases and hence could affect your databases and
Please read the below descriptions carefully before upgrading your software to
the new Firebird version.
Deprecating UDF
* Initial design of UDF always used to be security problem. The most dangerous
security holes when UDFs and external tables are used simultaneousky were
fixed in FB 1.5. But even after it incorrectly declared (using SQL statement
DECLARE EXTERNAL FUNCTION) UDF can easily cause various security issues like
server crash or execution of arbitrary code. Therefore UDFs are deprecated
in v4. That means that UDFs can't be used with default configuration
(parameter "UdfAccess" set to "None") and all sample UDF libraries (ib_udf,
fbudf) are not distributed any more. Most of functions in that libraries
were replaced with builtin analogs in previous versions and therefore
already deprecated. A few remaining functions got safe replacement in UDR
library "udf_compat", namely div, frac, dow, sdow, getExactTimestampUTC and
isLeapYear. Users who still wish to use UDFs should set "UdfAccess" to
"Restrict <path-list>". If you never used to modify this parameter before
path-list is just UDF and resulting line in firebird.conf should be:
UdfAccess = Restrict UDF
Recommended long-term solution is replacing of UDF with UDR.