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LibreOffice Base

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LibreOffice / features an application called Base targeting the same niche as MS Access does. Base allows you to work with JDBC drivers to access databases. Unfortunately, the interpretation of the JDBC standard by Jaybird differs from the interpretation by OpenOffice / LibreOffice, so Jaybird 2.2.x provides a separate (pure-java) protocol to work with Base.

In order to enable support for the enhanced driver, please use following parameters:

Property Value
Driver name org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver
JDBC URL jdbc:firebirdsql:oo://host[:port]/<path_or_alias>

Please note the jdbc:firebirdsql:oo: prefix of the URL.

Example URL:


This URL only provides support for the pure-java wire protocol and does not provide support for the native or embedded implementation.

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