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This repository contains SDK for Saturnin, and example services and applications.

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saturnin and saturnin-sdk are distributed under the terms of the MIT license.


The saturnin-sdk package (released on PyPI) contains the SDK itself, without examples.

To work with the SDK, it's necessary to install and properly initialize the saturnin (see Saturnin documentation for details).

Examples are not distributed via PyPI. You can either download the ZIP package from gihub releases and unpack it into directory of your choice, or checkout the "examples" directory directly.

You may also checkout the whole saturnin-sdk repository, and install the SDK into your Saturnin site directly using:

saturnin install package -e .

To register (example and your own) services and application for use with Saturnin in "development" mode, use saturnin install package -e . from root directory of service package. For example to register TextIO sample service:

  1. CD to examples/textio
  2. Run saturnin install package -e .


Documentation related to Saturnin: