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SDK Build Scripts
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The build and update image usage as follows: Which config needed for us, pls refer to build/ or

##Fox example the rk3288-evb Usage:

build kernel image: (output : boot.img and out/kernel)

build/ rk3288-evb

build u-boot image: (output : out/u-boot)

build/ rk3288-evb

build rootfs image:

follow readme in rk-rootfs-build

build one system image: (output : system.img)

build/ -c rk3288 -t system -r rk-rootfs-build/linaro-rootfs.img

update image:

eMMC: build/   -c rk3288 -p system  -i  out/system.img
sdcard: build/ -c rk3288  -d /dev/sdb -p system  -i  out/system.img 
rockusb: build/ -p system  -i  out/system.img 

Debian package

To pack the firmware in the deb package: (output : out/debian)

build/ -c rk3288 -d /dev/mmcblk0(mmc index in target device, not host) (-r rk-rootfs-build/linaro-rootfs.img)

Tthe debs could be installed in the board by the following command.

sudo dpkg -i u-boot-rockchip_1.0_all.deb
sudo dpkg -i kernel-rockchip_1.0_all.deb


  • You must boot into maskrom to flash the eMMC. Booting into rkusb mode will not work.
    • An easy way to enter maskrom is by erasing the eMMC and rebooting.
  • Provide the chip name for -c parameters, not the board name! (e.g. rk3288 instead of rk3288-evb).
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