List of possible topics for Firehose Community lightning talks.
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Firehose Lightning Talk Topics App

Firehose Lightning Talk App

The application lets you do these things:

  • Create a new topic for lightning talks (you don't have to be the speaker but you can be if you want).
  • Vote on topics that you find interesting so that if someone wants to give a talk and they don't have their own talk idea they can give a talk on something that many people want to hear.
  • Assign a talk to yourself. If you see a topic that you would like to give a talk on and it's "unassigned" simply just click on the "unassigned" link and it will then be assigned to you.

Status of the application

Currently the application is still very much under development and a work in progress. There are some features that would be beneficial to add and there's a decent amount of refactoring that should be taken care of to optimize the app. This app will be open sourced for the Firehose Community to contribute to in a design or development capacity.

All bugs, feature requests, and things to be done will be located in the GitHub issues for this repository found here. Discussions will be held within the GitHub issues page on the topic of concern. Our community Slack channel is a good place to spitball ideas but GitHub issues is where all formal discussions should be help and the purpose for this is so that EVERYONE will be able to access the information and won't get lost in private messages or in a sea of other discussions. We ask that if you have a meaningful and productive discussion outside of the GitHub issues please add an issue, sum up that discussion and submit it so that we have a record of the discussion.

How to contribute

This application is 100% open source for the Firehose Community. We invite and encourage EVERYONE to get involved in one way or the other. To find out how to contribute checkout the CONTRIBUTOR file. The contribution notes are still a work in progress and will be updated as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Colin on Twitter or on Slack.

Announcements and updates

Any announcement to the application will be announced in this document. All updates will be documented and presented within applications documentation.

These links are now deprecated and will only be held here for a limited time for posterity sake

List of possible topics for Firehose Community lightning talks.

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