Cocoa Object-Relational Mapping
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(Objective) C Object-Relational Mapping

CORM is pre-alpha.

CORM is a framework that connects to a SQLite database and enables the developer to retreive database rows as Objective-C objects. Referenced and referencing rows are automatically and seamlessly loaded from the database as they are neaded. If a class is not defined for a table, CORM can be configured to automatically generate a class definition, at run-time, for that table.

CORM uses CocoaSQLite as it's database library. CocoaSQLite is built off of the ORDA framework project. Because of CORM's dependance on ORDA, changes to CORM objects or to the underlying database are automatically and immediately reflected in the other.

CORM can use CocoaMySQL, but not all features are available. While changes to CORM objects will be reflected in a MySQL database, the reverse is not currently true.