A starting point and framework used by Fringe Development with a focus on creating WordPress themes
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Orbit Framework

Version: 1.0

Orbit is a web development framework to assist you in getting your WordPress (or a static) site setup, configured, and into orbit quickly so you can focus your development time on building your project.

Orbit is a framework with a focus on creating customized WordPress sites, quickly, and is also built to help in putting together solid, responsive, sites utilizing all my favorite frameworks.

Orbit has been put together to save me development time implementing my current, favorite approach towards building sites.

This framework contains various bits shared from the best developers and frameworks around the web including:

Built by:


  • Built for sites wanting to utilize Responsive Web Design (has 5 default media queries, not including retina specific queries to serve those high-res images for mobile and tablet)
  • Specifically current set up to be responsive in Firefox, IE9, Chrome, and Safari, fixed in IE8, and served a universal typography stylesheet for IE6/7 (you can make the site responsive in IE6/7/8 by utilizing the respond.min.js script included)
  • Use of Modernizr for progressive enhancement and no-js fallbacks
  • Use of Selectivizr (along with jQuery Extended Selectors) so you can use those juicy CSS3 selectors across browsers
  • Included a template for your startup screens and icons
  • Included the SASS files that I use including the mixing, variables, and functions
  • Basic WordPress theme setup (with more to come), stripped down and cleaned out
  • A huge dose of functions to customize just about every aspect of WordPress that you would typically want for client projects
  • Custom install.php file to customize your WordPress install, saving you setup time (get rid of default content, set various options, make our theme active, and create a home page)
  • Custom functionality plugin to make your customizations theme agnostic
  • Use of the Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress, which is simple to use and allows you to quickly create really nice looking custom areas for your users
  • Provide a theme-test file with instructions and plugins for testing your theme against the WordPress standard
  • Provide a customized wp-config.php template for better site optimization
  • Provide a htaccess file based on the Roots file (which is based on the HTML5 Boilerplate one) setup for WordPress, with the addition of the 5G Blacklist/Firewall for additional security
  • Provide a list of go-to plugins I typically use for my WordPress sites
  • Built to make WordPress more secure
  • Fairly complete documentation on the various files, functions, and how to use things
  • And last but not least, the majority of the benefits that you can read about on each framework's site (above)
  • See something you don't like, remove it

Get started

Clone the git repo - git clone git://github.com/ryanurban/orbit.git - or download it



Feel free to let me know what you think, suggest improvements, fixes, etc


  • Think about adding more specific installation instructions
  • Add more extensive inline documentation
  • Add additional WordPress template files (content-gallery.php, author.php, sidebar.php)
  • Create version of Orbit with basic html
  • Add microformats to templates
  • Add translations?
  • Create demo for framework/theme to show in use?
  • Add additional framework functionality (tabs, accordions, etc)?
  • Add wiki pages



  • It's showtime baby! You have to start somewhere right.


Major components:

  • jQuery: MIT/GPL license
  • HTML5 Boilerplate (including mobile): The Unlicense
  • Roots: The Unlicense
  • 320 and Up: Creative Commons MIT License
  • Modernizr: MIT/BSD license
  • Normalize.css: Public Domain
  • WordPress: GPLv2
  • Toolbox: GPLv2
  • _S: GPLv2
  • Bill Erickson's Core Functionality Plugin: GPLv2
  • Custom Metaboxes and Fields for WordPress: GPLv2

Everything else:

The Unlicense unless stated otherwise