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Arduino library for connecting a K30 CO2 sensor module over I2C
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K30 CO2 sensor module I2C Library

This is an Arduino Library for K30 CO2 NDIR module from Senseair. The sensor module is connected to Arduino using I2C. The sensor module is powered by an external power supply (5V or higher) capable of 1000mA.

The library contains two example sketches for two configurations:

  1. Arduino connected to K30. Sensor readings go to SerialMonitor.
  2. Arduino connected to K30 and LCD1602-I2C. Sensor readings are displayed on LCD1602.

Pictures and wiring diagrams for the two configurations at:

Arduino & K30

Arduino, K30, LCD1602

[Arduino kits]

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Written by alfredc333 for First Cypress Ltd. MIT license.

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