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Minecraft Bedrock Server for Docker

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A Docker container to run Minecraft Bedrock Server.


  • Docker


This docker can be executed easily

  1. Pull the docker image:

    docker pull firzenyogesh/minecraft-bedrock
  2. Start the container:

    docker run -d -it --network=host firzenyogesh/minecraft-bedrock

Advanced Settings

The above method is to start the server quick. There is a chance that you will lose your world's progress, if this container is updated (eg. new server version). To overcome that we use volume. We mount on a path that is outside the container

docker run -d -it -v "/minecraft:/srv/minecraft" --network=host firzenyogesh/minecraft-bedrock

Assuming /minecraft is the path to mount in your machine. Change the path to your preference

  • This will create the folders worlds, resource_packs, behavior_packs, premium_cache, world_templates, and properties_for_worlds in the path /minecraft

  • This will create the files invalid_known_packs.json, valid_known_packs.json in the path /minecraft

  • If you have custom properties for the existing world like different or whitelist.json or permissions.json, these files go inside the path /minecraft/properties_for_worlds/worldname/ where worldname is your existing world name. The container will use these files if you provide them in this path, otherwise it will use the default properties.

These files and folders are generated to easliy import your existing mods and worlds to the container.

It is recommended to run the above mentioned command once, before importing your existing worlds and mods.

You can however do that without running the command, provided you have copied the resource_packs, behavior_packs and worlds folders from your existing server to the path /minecraft. If this is not done the server won't start. So make sure that atleast resource_packs and behavior_packs are there in the /minecraft path.

By doing this you can safely retain your worlds and mods, even if this container is destroyed or upgraded or redeployed when needed.

Bonus Note

  • If you want your world to have different name, start the container like this:

    docker run -d -it -e WORLD=worldname --network=host firzenyogesh/minecraft-bedrock
  • If you want run on different port, start the container like this:

    docker run -d -it -e PORT=19132 -e PORTv6=19133 --network=host firzenyogesh/minecraft-bedrock
  • A full docker command with all the variables put in:

    docker run -d -it -e WORLD=worldname -e PORT=19132 -e PORTv6=19133 -v "/minecraft:/srv/minecraft" --network=host firzenyogesh/minecraft-bedrock

Replace worldname with what you prefer.

Replace /minecraft to the path you prefer.

Stopping the server and the container

  1. To stop the Minecraft server

    docker attach <container id>
    • Once the container is attached run the command Stop, you should be seeing Quit correctly message

    • To get out of the attached container use Ctrl + p + q, if you use other combination it may not work.

  2. To stop the container

    docker container stop <container id>

You can get the container id by running the following command

docker ps | grep firzenyogesh/minecraft-bedrock

This will list only the server container, use the container id you get in the result of that command.

Hope this helps out everyone, and Happy Minecrafting ⛏️


A Docker container to run Minecraft Bedrock Server.






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