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Amazon bucket brute force tool
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== Bucket Finder - Trawl Amazon S3 buckets for interesting files

Each group of files on Amazon S3 have to be contained in a bucket and each bucket has to have a unique

name across the system. This means that it is possible to bruteforce names, this script does this and more

For more information on how this works see my blog post "Whats in Amazon's buckets?" at

== Version

1.0 - Released

1.1 - Added log to file option

1.2 - Added exception handling to the non-download net code [Ian Williams]

== Usage


-l, --log-file :

filename to log output to

-d, --download:

download any public files found

-r, --region:

specify the start region

-h, --help:

show help

: the names to brute force

Author:: Robin Wood (

Author:: Ian Williams ( contributor after 1.1

Copyright:: Copyright (c) Robin Wood 2011

Licence:: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike Licence

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