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COLLADAMax and COLALDAMaya are new implementation of a 3ds Max or Maya plug-ins to export scene or
parts of it to a COLLADA file, released under an MIT-license.
In contrast to other existing COLLADA exporters, this new plug-ins do not store the
COLLADA document in an intermidiate data model but writes it directly to file. This leads to a dramatic
reduction of memory consumption and to much a better performance.
For more information about the plug-ins and how to build them, please read the README files in
COLLADAMax and COLLADAMaya directories.
For information about how to build OpenCOLLADA under linux and mac OSX usings SCons, please read the BUILD file.
NOTE: The COLLADA.sln solution, contained in this directory, exists only for development purposes.
To build the NextGen plug-ins, please use the solutions in the COLLADAMax anf COLLADAMaya
COLLADABaseUtils Utils used by many of the other projects
COLLADAFramework Datamodel used to load COLLADA files
COLLADAMax COLLADAMax NextGen plug-in sources
COLLADAMaya COLLADAMaya NextGen plug-in sources
COLLADAStreamWriter COLLADAStreamWriter sources (Library to write COLLADA files)
COLLADASaxFrameworkLoader Library that loads COLLADA files in a sax like manner into the framework data model
COLLADAValidator XML validator for COLLADA files, based on the COLLADASaxFrameworkLoader
dae2ogre Demo project that converts COLLADA files to OGRE meshes
Externals Third party projects required to build the NextGen plug-ins
GeneratedSaxParser Library used to load xml files in the way used by COLLADASaxFrameworkLoader