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/** Status Message with adjoined information, based on twitter API
struct status {
char *text; // status text
char *user; // screen name
char *created; // creation time
char *id; // message id
char *location; // Descriptive Location
char *geoloc; //geographic coordinates
struct status* new_status(const char * const text,
const char * const user,
const char * const created,
const char * const id,
const char * const location,
const char * const geoloc);
int stat_fprint(FILE* f, struct status* stat);
struct timeline {
struct status** statuses;
int statcnt;
struct timeline* new_timeline();
void tl_append_status(struct timeline* tl, struct status* stat);
int tl_fprint(FILE* f, struct timeline* tl);
void gpx_export_user_timeline(struct timeline* timeline, FILE *f, int append);
struct timeline* timeline_parse(char *document);
struct timeline* timeline_fread(FILE* f);
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