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Framework for the Fitzwilliam Museum website


This repository contains the code base for a Laravel based front end for the latest version of @fitzwilliammuseum website.

The front end is very simple and uses Bootstrap latest framework, latest JQuery and various libraries to interface with a headless API provided by our installation of the @directus 8 system, Solr and ElasticSearch endpoints.

The models in this system point at an API rather than a database.

Data sources

Data comes from various systems and API endpoints.

  1. Main content - Directus Headless CMS
  2. Search content - SOLR 8.11.1 instance
  3. Collections content - CIIM version 5 ElasticSearch instance from Knowledge Integration, standard mappings and the nascent API
  4. Twitter - API driven
  5. Shopify - FME systems queried and indexed daily into SOLR
  6. Sketchfab
  7. Instagram
  8. Libsyn for podcasts
  9. UCAM streaming media service
  10. YouTube
  11. Vimeo


In production, we use REDIS. Locally use File based caching unless you want to install REDIS.


View deployment information on the Fitzwilliam Docs.


  1. Install php 8.1 into your environment
  2. Install composer and then do the following:
git clone
cd fitz-main-website
composer install
php artisan key:generate
cp .env.example .env
npm install 

On some ubuntu machines, the npm install script fails at the npm run copy command. To fix this run the commands separately:

npm run copy-uv-html # "cp -R node_modules/universalviewer/dist/uv.html ./public", Universal viewer copy
npm run copy-uv-css # "cp -R node_modules/universalviewer/dist/uv.css ./public/",
npm run copy-uv-assets # "cp -R node_modules/universalviewer/dist/umd/ ./public/umd/",
npm run copy-icons # "cp -R node_modules/super-tiny-icons/images/svg/ ./public/images/svg/",
npm run copy-cookie-css # cp -R node_modules/vanilla-cookieconsent/dist/*.css ./resources/css/",
npm run copy-cookie-js # "cp -R node_modules/vanilla-cookieconsent/dist/*.js ./resources/js/",
npm run copy-pannellum-css # "cp -R node_modules/pannellum/build/*.css ./public/css/",
npm run copy-pannellum-js # "cp -R node_modules/pannellum/build/*.js ./public/js/",

If the versions have been updated you may need to run:

npm run production 

Which will compress all the css and js files.

Env setup

Fill in variables for your instance (Cache etc), values from the production version of the websites are on the main network drive.

nano .env

A few notes on env settings

Set CACHE_DRIVER to redis or file depending on your environment.

Set the SOLR_ENABLED flag to true or false based on whether Solr is supported in your environment.

Running a local copy

If you are running locally you can preview the website via:

php artisan serve

I feel the need for speed

To cache icons and routes:

php artisan icons:cache
php artisan route:cache




Daniel Pett @portableant