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Welcome to the Slice/OpenELEC wiki!

  • [Introduction to Slice](wiki/Introduction to Slice)
  • [(Slice) prep and install](wiki/(Slice) prep and install)
  • [Transferring media and networking Slice](wiki/Transferring media and networking Slice)
  • [Slice video and audio setup](wiki/Slice video and audio setup)
  • [Slice hacks and tweaks](wiki/Slice hacks and tweaks)
  • [Setting up Slice media libraries](wiki/Setting up Slice media libraries)
  • [Installing addons and skins for Slice](wiki/Installing addons and skins for Slice)
  • [Recovery options - when Slice will not boot](wiki/Recovery options - when Slice will not boot)
  • [Slice downloads and further info](wiki/Downloads and further info)
  • [Slice troubleshooting and FAQ](wiki/Troubleshooting and FAQ)
  • [SliceOS (unofficial) changelog](wiki/SliceOS (unofficial) changelog)
  • [Manual Installation of OS](wiki/Manual Installation of OS)
  • [How to compile with custom XBMC branch](wiki/How to compile-with-custom-XBMC-branch)