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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Converts an NGSI v2 Normalized Representation
into an NGSI-LD Representation
Copyright (c) 2018 FIWARE Foundation e.V.
Author: José Manuel Cantera
import sys
import json
import ntpath
from rfc3987 import parse
from entity_print import print_json_string
ld_context = ''
def ngsild_uri(type_part, id_part):
template = 'urn:ngsi-ld:{}:{}'
return template.format(type_part, id_part)
# Generates an Entity Id as a URI
def ld_id(entity_id, entity_type):
out = entity_id
d = parse(entity_id, rule='URI')
if d['authority'] is None:
out = ngsild_uri(entity_type, entity_id)
except ValueError:
out = ngsild_uri(entity_type, entity_id)
return out
# Generates a Relationship's object as a URI
def ld_object(attribute_name, entity_id):
out = entity_id
d = parse(entity_id, rule='URI')
except ValueError:
entity_type = ''
if attribute_name.startswith('ref'):
entity_type = attribute_name[3:]
out = ngsild_uri(entity_type, entity_id)
return out
# Do all the transformation work
def normalized_2_LD(entity):
out = {
'@context': ld_context
for key in entity:
if key == 'id':
out[key] = ld_id(entity['id'], entity['type'])
if key == 'type':
out[key] = entity[key]
attr = entity[key]
out[key] = {}
ld_attr = out[key]
if not('type' in attr) or attr['type'] != 'Relationship':
ld_attr['type'] = 'Property'
ld_attr['value'] = attr['value']
ld_attr['type'] = 'Relationship'
ld_attr['object'] = ld_object(key, attr['value'])
if key == 'location':
ld_attr['type'] = 'GeoProperty'
if 'type' in attr and attr['type'] == 'DateTime':
ld_attr['value'] = {
'@type': 'DateTime',
'@value': attr['value']
if 'type' in attr and attr['type'] == 'PostalAddress':
ld_attr['value']['type'] = 'PostalAddress'
if 'metadata' in attr:
metadata = attr['metadata']
for mkey in metadata:
if mkey == 'timestamp':
ld_attr['observedAt'] = metadata[mkey]['value']
elif mkey == 'unitCode':
ld_attr['unitCode'] = metadata[mkey]['value']
sub_attr = {}
# Metadata which are Relationships is assumed not to be there
sub_attr['type'] = 'Property'
sub_attr['value'] = metadata[mkey]['value']
ld_attr[mkey] = sub_attr
return out
def read_json(infile):
with open(infile) as data_file:
data = json.loads(
return data
def write_json(data, outfile):
with open(outfile, 'w') as data_file:
def main(args):
data = read_json(args[1])
result = normalized_2_LD(data)
file_name = ntpath.basename(args[1])
write_json(result, 'example-LD.jsonld')
if __name__ == '__main__':
if(len(sys.argv) != 2):
print("Usage: normalized2LD [file]")