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# Command Line Interface to start all services associated with the Getting-Started Tutorial
# For this tutorial the commands are merely a convenience script to run docker-compose
set -e
loadData () {
echo ""
if (( $# != 1 )); then
echo "Illegal number of parameters"
echo "usage: services [create|start|stop]"
exit 1
case "${command}" in
echo "usage: services [create|start|stop]"
echo -e "Starting two containers \033[1;34mOrion\033[0m and a \033[1;30mMongoDB\033[0m database."
echo -e "- \033[1;34mOrion\033[0m is the context broker"
echo ""
docker-compose --log-level ERROR -p fiware up -d --remove-orphans
echo "stopping containers"
docker-compose --log-level ERROR -p fiware down -v --remove-orphans
echo "Obtaining Mongo DB image"
docker pull mongo:3.6
echo "Obtaining Latest Orion Image"
docker pull fiware/orion
echo "Command not Found."
echo "usage: services [create|start|stop]"
exit 127;