A simple (Python) query builder for Elasticsearch
Python Shell
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ElasticQuery v3 PyPI version

A simple query builder for Elasticsearch. Install with pip install elasticquery. Uses metod calls and their args/kwargs to generate query/filter/aggregate objects. Outputs dict/json represntation to be passed directly to ES.


from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
from elasticquery import ElasticQuery, Filter, Aggregate

# Create a query with our ES index details
q = ElasticQuery(

# Query it!
    Query.terms('my_field', ['my', 'terms'])

# Aggregate it!
    Aggregate.sum('my_agg', 'my_field')

# Print the query, then run on ES and print it's output
print q.json(indent=4)
print q.get()


  • Create virtualenv
  • pip install -r requirements.pip
  • Run nosetests