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@Fizzadar Fizzadar released this 29 Apr 16:33

Three major themes to this release:

Explicit fact imports - this replaces the magic host.fact.X variables with explicitly imported facts, for example:

# previously: host.fact.apt_sources
from pyinfra.facts.apt import AptSources

# previously: host.fact.file('/path/to/file')
from pyinfra.facts.files import File
host.get_fact(File, path='/path/to/file')

# also now possible (previously impossible):
host.get_fact(File, path='/path/to/file', sudo=True)

And the CLI changes accordingly:

# previously: pyinfra INVENTORY fact apt_sources
pyinfra INVENTORY fact apt.AptSources

# previously: pyinfra INVENTORY fact file:/path/to/file directory:/path/to/directory
pyinfra INVENTORY fact files.File path=/path/to/file files.Directory path=/path/to/directory

This is not yet standard across the project and will be updated in subsequent releases. This also finally enables using third party facts in a sensible and explict manner. Overall, this is a dramatic improvement to the pyinfra fact mechanism.

Windows operations expansion - massive thank you to @mfrg for implementing these, huge expansion of Windows facts & operations, making it possible to really use pyinfra with Windows targets (additions listed below).

Idempotency testing - verification of operation idempotency (calling the same op twice outputs no commands/changes the second time) through testing and a large expansion in verified idempotency. Operations can now specify themselves as non-idempotent when expected (for example,

Operation & fact updates:

  • Add server.packages operation - generic package management using the default OS package manager
  • Add pip.venv operation - shortcut for pip.virtualenv(venv=True, ...)
  • Add server.Path fact
  • Add rpm.RpmPackageProvides fact & support package aliases for yum.packages & dnf.packages operations
  • Add, windows_files.put & operations (@mfrg)
  • Add windows_files.WindowsLink, windows_files.WindowsSha1File, windows_files.WindowsSha256File & windows_files.WindowsMd5File facts (@mfrg)

CLI updates:

  • New style fact gathering CLI arguments
  • Prefix SSH auth flags (--user becomes --ssh-user), deprecate old versions
  • Deprecate --facts & --operations CLI flags
  • Deprecate all-facts command
  • Hide deprecated options from --help

Other bits:

  • Show warnings when using invalid auth argument combinations (sudo_user without sudo, etc)
  • Bump minimum Paramiko version to 2.7