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Passing environment variables into an NGINX config
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An NGINX instance that ouputs a string containing a value that is specified in an environment variable

Development environment prerequisites

  • Docker version 17.12.0-ce or higher

Environment variables

  • HAPPY_GREETING: contains a value that will be included as part of a string returned from an http response

Running locally with Docker

  • in the file, ensure that the HAPPY_GREETING variable contains the value that you wish to return in the http response
  • navigate to the project root, and build the Docker image with:
docker build -t nginx-config-env-vars .
  • run a Docker container with:
docker run --name nginx-config-env-vars --env-file ./ -p 80:80 -d nginx-config-env-vars

The container should now accept requests on localhost port 80, and respond with a string containing the value that you specified in the file

When you're done, you can stop the container with:

docker stop nginx-config-env-vars

...and remove the container with:

docker rm nginx-config-env-vars

NOTE: if you change the value that is stored within the file, then you'll need to create a new container (see above) before you'll see NGINX respond to the changes

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