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Pimatic plugin for the Opentherm gateway
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Pimatic plugin for the Opentherm gateway (

This plugin will connect to the OTMonitor Relay port.

In theory this plugin can also connect to the ethernet version of the gatway (UNTESTED!)

Configuration of OT Monitor

Download the Opentherm Monitor from:

For Raspberry take Linux-armhf as system.

Setup OT monitor to start with the relay server enabled AND relay OT messages to on. This can be done with the following command:

./otmonitor-ahf --daemon -f /opt/otmonitor/otmonitor.conf"

contents of /opt/otmonitor/otmonitor.conf: (you can choose your own loaction ofcourse)

web {
  enable true
  port 8080
  nopass true
connection {
  device /dev/ttyUSB1
  type serial
  enable true
server {
  enable true
  port 7686
  relay true

To autostart ot-monitor on boot on the raspberry pi you can use this file:

It assumes ot-monitor is placed in /opt/otmonitor/

place that file in /etc/init.d/

Then execute:

sudo update-rc.d otmonitor-ahf defaults

Configuration of Pimatic

You can load the plugin by editing your config.json to include (host = OTmonitor IP port=Relay Port (default:7686)):

   "plugin": "otgw",
   "host": "192.168.X.X",
   "port": 7686

There are currently 2 devices for this plugin:

Main thermostat (Temperature sensor from the Opentherm gateway):

 "id": "RoomTemp",
 "class": "OTGWMainThermostat",
 "name": "Room Temp"

Heating thermostat:

  "id": "HeatingThermostat",
  "class": "OTGWHeatingThermostat",
  "name": "Heating Thermostat",
  "comfyTemp": 21.0,
  "ecoTemp": 16.5,
  "guiShowModeControl" : true,
  "guiShowPresetControl" : true,
  "guiShowTemperatueInput" : true
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