OpenStack provider for vagrant
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Vagrant OpenStack Provider

This is a Vagrant 1.1+ plugin that adds an OpenStack provider to Vagrant, allowing Vagrant to control and provision machines in OpenStack.

NOTE: This plugin requires Vagrant 1.1+, which is still unreleased. Vagrant 1.1 will be released soon. In the mean time, this repository is meant as an example of a high quality plugin using the new plugin system in Vagrant.

Commands Support

  • up
  • destroy
  • status
  • ssh


Install using standard Vagrant 1.1+ plugin installation methods. After installing, vagrant up and specify the openstack provider. An example is shown below.

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-openstack
$ vagrant up --provider=openstack

Quick Start

Create a Vagrantfile and put a section like this, adapting it to your environment.

config.vm.provider :openstack do |os|
  os.url = ""
  os.tenant = "my_tenant"
  os.user = "my_user"
  os.password = "super_password"

  os.flavor = "1"
  os.keypair = "my_key"
  os.image = "b9b3f324-80d2-4413-89ec-3d299ceb8279" = "test"
  os.ssh_username = "my_cool_user"
  os.ssh_private_key = "~/not_custom_path/super_private"


  • url: OpenStack's auth url
  • tenant: OpenStack's tenant to use
  • user: OpenStack's auth username
  • password: OpenStack's password for username

  • name: Instance's name. It'll be assigned to it during the first boot.

  • image: Glance's image id to use. (It doesn't support names)
  • flavor: Nova's flavor to use for the new instance.
  • keypair: Keypair that should be associated to the new instance.

  • ssh_port: SSH port to used (Default 22)

  • ssh_username: SSH username
  • ssh_private_key: Local private key to be used for ssh connections. (Default ~/.ssh/id_rsa)


To work on the vagrant-openstack plugin, clone this repository out, and use Bundler to get the dependencies:

$ bundle

You can test the plugin without installing it into your Vagrant environment by just creating a Vagrantfile in the top level of this directory (it is gitignored) that uses it, and uses bundler to execute Vagrant:

$ bundle exec vagrant up --provider=openstack