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C# / Unity Wii Remote API

This is an easy to use interface between Unity3D (or C# in general with minimal changes) and a Wii Remote controller. The library uses a slightly modified version of Signal11's HIDAPI to handle low-level bluetooth communications. In essence, the API itself is an implementation of the excellent reverse-engineering effort done at Wiibrew. Here are some notable features of the API:

  • Cross Platform: The API is compatible with Windows (on the Microsoft and BlueSoleil bluetooth stacks), Mac, and Linux (only tested on Windows and Mac).
  • Fully Featured: The API is capable of communicating and interpreting almost all useful data from the Wii Remote, including:
    • Basic Button Data (A, B, +, -, 1, 2, D-Pad, Home buttons)
    • 3-Axis Accelerometer reporting
    • IR Camera Data (including pointing position)
    • Extension Controller Support:
      • Nunchuck: Joystick data, C and Z buttons, Accelerometer data
      • Classic Controller: All Buttons (including analog buttons) and Joysticks
      • Wii Motion Plus: Change in Pitch / Yaw / Roll.
      • Wii U Pro Controller: All Buttons and Joysticks - The Wii U Pro Controller acts as a Wii Remote with a custom extension controller, so it is compatible with this API.
      • Guitar Hero Guitar Controller: All buttons, both strum directions, whammy, slider (touchbar), and analog stick
      • More extension controllers coming soon! Raw data also available for custom extension controllers.
    • Controlling the remote's 4 LEDs
    • Status reporting (battery level, player LED state, etc.)
    • More features coming soon!
  • Fully Documented: The API comes with an example scene in Unity3D that makes use of all of the API's functions. The API itself is well commented and comes with Doxygen documentation.
  • Open and Growing: The API is licensed under the generous MIT license (see LICENSE.txt) so you can easily use it in your projects. Source code access lets you debug easer. Of course, it's also free!


The latest release can be found here

To install, open Unity-Wiimote.unitypackage or go to Assets->Import Package->Custom Package... in the Unity Editor and locate Unity-Wiimote.unitypackage.

Future Changes

While the API is very powerful already, I would still like to make changes to it to improve it even more. Namely I would like to:

  • Add support for all common extension controllers (Classic Controller Pro, etc.)
    • Add support for Nunchuck passthrough / Classic Controller passthrough mode on the Wii Motion Plus
  • Add speaker support (no small feat!)

If you would like to help implement any of these changes, feel free to submit a pull request!