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Major release! What's new?

  • Added: DS Cartridges support. This couldn't be possible without TuxSH's TWLSaveTool, so huge thanks to him!
    • Note: Save restore takes a good minute to complete, for DS cartridges.
  • Added: Multiselection. This allows you to select multiple titles at once and backup them with a single tap.
    • Press Y to select a single title.
    • Held Y for a second and a half to select all the titles you have.
    • This will store your backups in a <titlename> - Autobackup folder, by default, inside the folder containing all the save backups for the selected title.
  • Fixed: Potential crashes during the title retrieving has been fixed. This was achieved by sorting the list just once, to prevent stack overflows. This also implies that the title loading is now faster than before.
  • Fixed: A critical bug with backup folder names has been fixed. This caused FAT drivers to go mad if folders weren't named correctly by Checkpoint.
    • The illegal characters list has been changed a bit, so some folders may not be compatible anymore with the first version.
  • FIxed: Extdata backup is now working correctly (kinda). Restore could still crash in some cases, though.
  • Fixed: now backup folders are deleted if a backup fails (this means you'll not have potentially empty backups anymore).
  • Fixed: now the working path for a title is 0x<uniqueID> <titlename>. This prevents edge cases where two games have the same title name, causing the save file to conflict in the same folder.
  • Fixed: Button A doesn't close the target anymore.
  • Changed: now the working path has been moved into sdmc:/3ds/Checkpoint/
    • You can safely remove/copy&paste backups manually from a backup folder to another, of course.
  • Changed: slight changes in the default save backup name.
  • Changed: cosmetic changes, we all love them.
  • Further improvements to overall Checkpoint stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.