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Script Notes

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This page lists notes on official scripts that could not be summarized to fit in their names or contents.

Mass Inject Scripts

  • All mass injection scripts target the first slot of Box 1 to start injecting the collection. If you're worried about losing some of your Pokémon, make sure to clear out enough of your in-game boxes to make room
    • Living Dex
      • Gen 4: 493 slots (17 boxes)
      • Gen 5: 649 slots (22 boxes)
      • Gen 6: 721 slots (25 boxes)
      • Gen 7 (SM): 802 slots (27 boxes)
      • Gen 7 (USUM): 807 slots (27 boxes)
      • Gen 7 (LGPE): 153 slots (7 boxes)
    • Colosseum: 2 boxes
    • XD: 3 boxes
    • PKX injector: 1 slot for every .pk* or .pb7 file in /3ds/PKSM/inject
    • generate-random-pkmn: 1 slot for each Pokémon you tell the script to generate for you
    • everything else: 1 box
  • Not all Pokémon in the mass injection scripts may be legal
  • Only the "Living Dex" and "generate-random-pkmn" scripts update your dex. If you want the contents of a mass inject script to be registered but don't want the full Fill Dex, do one of the following:
    • deposit the unregistered Pokémon in the Day Care then withdraw them
    • take them into a wild battle (reported to work but not confirmed)
  • rBreedingDitto: the Ditto in these scripts were obtained from this list on /r/BreedingDittos. They are subject to all the conditions and limits set by /r/BreedingDittos (so don't try passing them off as legal on /r/pokemontrades)

Fill Dex Scripts

  • Regional Pokédex scripts will overwrite anything you've seen (and owned if you use the "owned" version) which may cause you to lose registration of anything not in your game's regional Pokédex
  • These scripts will fill your dex enough to unlock access to the following rewards:
    • PT, DP Sinnoh seen: regional dex diploma, National dex upgrade
    • HGSS Johto owned: regional dex diploma
    • HGSS, PT, DP National owned: national dex diploma
    • BW Unova owned: regional dex diploma
    • BW National owned: national dex diploma
    • B2W2 Unova seen: Permit (for visiting Nature Preserve)
    • B2W2 Unova owned: regional dex diploma, Oval Charm
    • B2W2 National owned: national dex diploma, Shiny Charm
    • XY Kalos seen: Oval Charm
    • XY Kalos owned: regional dex diplomas (Central, Coastal, Mountain, Kalos)
    • ORAS Hoenn seen: Oval Charm
    • ORAS Hoenn owned: regional dex diploma
    • ORAS, XY National owned: national dex diploma, Shiny Charm
    • USUM, SM Alola owned: Shiny Charm
  • National versions will also unlock access to all corresponding regional rewards
  • owned versions will also unlock access to all corresponding seen rewards
  • Complete versions will unlock all the same rewards as the National owned versions
  • Only the Complete versions will fill in Mythicals (Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, etc.)
  • Only the Complete (illegal) versions will unlock all forms and shiny sprites, including unreleased ones

Item Scripts

  • USUM, SM slot 1 x897-960: due to the way items are stored in Gen 7 saves and the current limitations of PKSM's scripts, the quantity of the item in the pouch's first slot is set to something in the range of 897 to 960 (depends on the former quantity) rather than 999 like in past generations
  • B2W2, BW Item slot 1 - Pass Orb x65535: this was only added because the MAX level Pass Powers require 9999 to use, which is more than existing scripts give. Also note that the game will display the amount weirdly, like ?35

Reset Scripts

NOTE: Due to most in-game events being stored in saves as bitflags and simple scripts being unable to change individual bits, some of these may affect more than what they say they do.

  • all games Reset [pokemon]: Allows any listed Pokémon to be re-obtained (if gift) or re-battled
  • USUM Reset Main Conflict: resets everything between getting to the Altar of the Sunne/Moone and encountering Mina
  • USUM Reset Postgame: resets it back to the start of the Rainbow Rocket arc, when you enter your house, you meet Sophocles and go the Festival Plaza
  • USUM Reset Nanu Event: ?
  • USUM Reset Team Skull Pose Event: resets the event in Po Town where you help the Team Skull Grunt who can't make the Team Skull pose
  • USUM Reset Janitor Event: resets the event that happens when you talk to the janitor in Hau'oli Mall
  • USUM Reset Shiny Exeggcute Battle: resets the battle against the Poni Island trainer with the shiny Exeggcute
  • USUM Remove Stakataka and Blacephalon: the reset scripts for these two cause them to respawn indefinitely after capture/defeat so this script was made to allow users to end that if they want
  • USUM Reset Red and Blue: resets initial Battle Tree event in which you battle Red or Blue
  • ORAS Reset Delta Episode: resets back to before the battle with Wallace in front of Sky Pillar
  • B2W2, BW Reset Geonet: allows you to change the location you registered on the Geonet
  • B2W2 Reset N and Shadow Triad battles: allows you to rematch the trainers without waiting for the season to change
  • B2W2 Reset Bianca/Cheren Battle: You will need to have used Memory Link at least once
  • B2W2 Reset most Memory Link cutscenes: You will need to have used Memory Link at least once. The only the Pokémon Musical scene is not reset.
  • HGSS Reset Sinjoh Ruins: resets the event where you take an Arceus to the Ruins of Alph and eventually receive a lv1 Dialga/Palkia/Giratina holding its respective Orb
  • HGSS Reset Red: respawns Red at Mt. Silver without having to defeat the Elite Four
  • HGSS Legendary Beasts Full: Will place all 3 in the basement of Burned Tower, allowing you to release them again. You won't have to chase Suicune around Johto and Kanto again. Use with caution -- all side effects haven't been fully explored yet
  • HGSS Roamer Lati Full: This will allow you to repeat the Steven event that spawns the Lati-twin to roam around Kanto. Similar to the script above along with the same disclaimers. Also, MAKE SURE YOU RUN THIS SCRIPT WHEN YOU ARE SAVED INSIDE THE FAN CLUB OF VERMILION CITY
  • HGSS Legendary Beasts Safe: The safe script simply sets the roamer's status from captured to defeated and will start roaming again once the Elite 4 is defeated again
  • HGSS Roamer Lati Safe: The safe script simply sets the roamer's status from captured to defeated and will start roaming again once the Elite 4 is defeated again
  • HGSS Shuckle: Resets gift Shuckle received in Cianwood City. After you beat the game, you cannot receive Shuckle anymore
  • DP Set all legendaries battlable/disappeared: same as Reset [pokemon] above

Battle Facility Scripts

  • all games Streak: sets the current streak to just before a meaningful battle (facility leader, item reward, etc.)
  • HGSS, PT Battle Factory Max Trades: This will set your trade count to 9999. The more trades you do, the better Pokemon you can choose to rent at the start
  • HGSS, PT Battle Castle Points: This will set your CP to 9999, allowing you to buy as many upgrades, items, heals, skips etc as you want. Note, you don't unlock the ability to skip a battle until you win 21 battles.
  • B2W2, BW, HGSS, PT, DP Skip to Last Battle: Only effective if you quicksave. Lets you can skip straight to the 7th battle in the set
    • HGSS, PT Battle F-A-C: F = Factory, A = Arcade, C = Castle
  • all games Use party: Allows you to use the members of your party, starting from the first.
    • Legality Warning: This can let you smuggle in otherwise banned species (such as mascot legends)

Other Scripts

  • all games Quick hatch: does NOT hatch your eggs for you -- it just makes the eggs hatch in as few steps as possible
  • all games Day Care Set Exp: sets the experience gained from the Day Care for both (all 4 in ORAS) slots
  • USUM, SM Shop 6 Tent Bonus: set which bonus is active from the tent shop located in slot 6 (requires a tent shop to be in that slot)
  • USUM Set 100 hatched eggs: set the number of hatched eggs to 100 so that you can just talk to the stats judge to unlock IV checking in the PC
  • USUM Set Sun/Moon time: sets the in-game time of day, to allow access to time limited events (only available during day/night)
  • ORAS, XY Supreme Honor Pokepuffs: fill all 100 Pokepuff slots with Supreme Honor Pokepuffs
  • ORAS, XY Pokemon Link: These codes will allow you to acquire these event Pokemon from the Pokemon Link on the main menu. Until you claim it in-game, using more than one at a time will overwrite any you've already injected. If you care about legality, Celebi can only come from X & Y and Glalie and Steelix can only be received from ORAS.
  • ORAS Mirage Spots: Sets the available Mirage Spots to the set selected, all of which also include Crescent Isle where you can find Cresselia. Spots will change when the date changes, and may change if you pass people through the PSS
  • XY Set Kanto Bird - 10 encounters: Beat the Elite Four, encounter the roaming Kanto bird (Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres) once, and it will go to Sea Spirit's Den
  • B2W2, BW Pass Power MAX: changes your currently equipped Pass Power. These MAX versions are as powerful as Lv3 and last for 1 full hour, but cost 9999 Pass Orbs to activate so you will need to use these along with the Items slot 1 - Pass Orb x65535 script
  • B2W2, BW Season: changes the current season of the save -- Note that changing area (leaving a building/cave, changing route, etc.) will update the season to match the system's current date
  • B2W2 Hidden Grotto: Some species may be version exclusive and not in the game you use the script on. Will always have their Hidden Ability
  • B2W2 Join Avenue - Restock All Shops: This will refill all the shops contents and therefore, you can buy from all the shops again without having to wait for the next day.
  • B2W2 Join Avenue - 7 Day Promotion: This will cause a week long promotional event. When this code is used, for one week from when the game was last saved, all the shop's items are only half price!
  • B2W2 Join Avenue - Lv9 All Shops: this code will set all of your shops to level 9 and as such, only one visitor referral will be necessary to max out each shop
  • B2W2, BW, HGSS Swarm:
    • B2W2, BW: The swarm you choose may not stick if the "last saved" date on your save is before the current date according to the system you next play on.
    • B2W2, BW: Route 8 is frozen over in Winter so you may be unable to encounter Croagunk (BW) or Quagsire (B2W2) after setting it as the active swarm.
    • HGSS: due to the inability to tell HG saves apart from SS saves (by their content alone), both games will see "Baltoy / Gulpin" with Baltoy's sprite and "Sableye / Mawile" with Sableye's sprite on the selection screen despite Baltoy and Sableye only appearing in HG and Gulpin and Mawile only appearing in SS
  • BW Black City White Forest: lets you manipulate which residents are in your Black City (Black) or White Forest (White). Front means you will see the resident in your game, Back means that others will see the resident when they connect to your game via Entralink. For more details on what particular residents provide, see Bulbapedia's pages on Black City and White Forest.
  • HGSS, PT, DP Lotto ID Number: number matches one of the in-game trades
    • PT, DP - Abra (Oreburgh)
    • HGSS - Machop (Goldenrod Department Store)
  • HGSS Rematch All Gym Leaders: sets up rematch with Gym Leader in Saffron Dojo
  • Pt, DP Fulfill Spiritomb encounter requirements: sets everything up so that you will battle Spiritomb the next time you examine the Broken Tower / Hallowed Tower on Route 209 (between Hearthome and Solaceon)
  • PT, DP Great Marsh: lets you pick which species fill each area's daily binocular Pokémon
  • PT, DP Level Man: controls the man in the house west of the Pal Park, who gives an item if you show him a Pokémon of a certain level
  • PT, DP All Berries Watered: waters all berry plots in region
  • PT, DP Berries - Floaroma/Eterna Harvestable: If nothing planted in plots, a running sprite of the male character will appear in the plot. You can harvest from them with no known problems, although you'll get nothing.
    • Floaroma: includes plots within Floaroma Town as well as plots on the way to Valley Windworks
    • Eterna: includes all plots from Valley Windworks to Eterna City
  • PT Sets total steps to 299,999: allows easy unlocking of Chandelier in the Resort Area Villa
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