@piepie62 piepie62 released this Jan 6, 2019 · 19 commits to master since this release

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What's new

Without a specific order

  • Fix crash when a flashcard was inserted. You can now plug your cartridge reader with whatever you want.
  • Fix various offsets used here and there in the application. This is critical and updating to this version against v6.0.0 is strongly suggested.
  • Fix storage renaming bug, which caused your storage to not be opened again.
  • Fix crashes on unsuccessful app exit.
  • Fix party generation.
  • Fix event injection for Pokemon Diamond/Pearl.
  • Fix transfer code from Gen4 upwards and a couple backwards transfer issues.
  • Disable nature edit screen for Gen4, as it is linked to PID.
  • Added a console displaying why PKSM doesn't boot up, with explanation and possible fixes.
  • Fix various Hex Editor offsets (thanks @SadisticMystic ).
  • Fix HG/SS ball issue in D/P/Pt
  • Storage transfers through boxes now automatically set dex data.
  • DS save recognition simplified.
  • Added JP translations (thanks @pass0418 ).
  • Added form changing for Arceus and Genesect, disable form changing for Xerneas.
  • Added Hyper Training flags to the hex editor.
  • Enable Hex Editor value changing with A/X buttons.
  • Fix empty ability after generating a Pokemon from scratch.
  • Added a search bar for the moves editor, item editor and bag editor screens.
  • Hex Editor now enabled for LGPE.
  • Backup bridged save to the SD card in case the bridge disconnects, so you can reinject it manually later.


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